eNail Kits

What's an eNail?

An eNail is an electric nails kit which contains a metal box with a port for a heating coil, a switch or two, and a PID that regulates your coil's temperature. The gauge can be turned on separately from the coil to allow the user to prevent themselves from getting burned. Coils come in two different sizes; 16 and 20 millimeters, and will only work with nails that have been designed for coils of that size. Setting a desired temperature is crucial to the overall experience, considering that the main feature of the unit is steadily maintaining the adjustable temperature. Using a carb cap is essential as well, causing the chamber to billow up during a low temp dab after it’s thrown on top.

Our dNail brand eNail kit is the best in the business, and contains everything you need to start dabbing right out of the box!

110V only


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