Getbud.Net is an Online Smoke Shop. We feature our own clothing line GETBUD APPAREL. We also carry all the Paraphernalia for your smoking needs.

Our clothing line, GETBUD APPAREL,  was created in 2007. We have over 15 unique logos to choose from for men and women. We hand print our logos onto Eco Friendly Bamboo and Heavy Duty Cotton clothing.

All logos are pressed by hand in Whistler, B.C. Canada

In January of 2012, we launched our current website...   . On top of being the only place you can buy Getbud Apparel, we now sell Glass Bongs, Quality Metal Grinders, Digital Scales, Detox Remedies and all the Accessories you need. We are constantly updating or product list so check back again soon to see what's new.

GETBUD.Net is an online business with no retail location to pay for. The savings are passed directly on to you. We Guarantee LOW PRICES on everything in the store. We ship by Priority Courier. Fast and Secure.


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