THE ADVENTURES OF GETBUD #2: Mushroom hunt in Costa Rica

Written By Potter


It was the wet season in Costa Rica, on the Pacific Coast.


For a month we rented an apartment on the beach with the most consistent surf in the country. Every morning was sunshine and waves then as night marched in so would the rain clouds. Our time revolved around surfing, smoking and eating.


As travellers restricted by a limited budget we take any opportunity for free inebriation.


The landlord noticed the discrete pot design on my shirt and quickly became my dealer. We got to talking about the different highs we’d gotten. Mushroom hunting came up. Where I’m from there is a particular farm in a mountain range overlooking the ocean I like to frequent. I couldn’t think of a much better way to spend a sunny afternoon than Gold Topped magic mushrooms hunting.


Landlord slash new dealer told us about a field not too far away where there might be some. He said we had to have it in a tea because there could be strange foreign parasites. His friend had picked and eaten mushrooms from the field. He’d blacked out while surfing on them and had to be rushed to hospital. My surf buddy and I both wanted to try them. We inquired further and the direction was set.


We left the apartment and turned right. We skated five minutes until the last buildings fell away then cut down a smooth road that turned to dirt. Landlord dealer said there was a field here that farmers rotated cows through weekly. We took a run and jumped over the cactus and barbed fence. We separated a few metres apart to cover the most ground and trawled the field. The grass was thin and a little drained of colour. The midday sun was strong. We don’t say much and make slow time searching the larger clumps of grass that have grown around cow shit. I know that there is a more likely chance to find mushrooms in these developed clumps of shit. In one whole lap we find nothing. No happy, we swap sides and start the way back.


A few steps in I see the golden top that I'm looking for. Moving the grass away from the mushroom there is revealed several more. I’ve got four mushrooms and by the time I get back to where we left the skateboards at the entrance we have eight magic, golden topped, mushrooms.


We get home and to it. Water is boiled for mushroom, honey infusion tea. We planned a walk while we drank the tea, to the summit of a hill. We’d be able to see super far and we wouldn’t be around people when we got weird.


We drink two cups of tea and pour the remainder into a drink bottle for the walk. Completely ready we open the door and see rain clouds. We never made it out the door.