THE ADVENTURES OF GET BUD #1: Nicaragua to El Salvador - Written by Potter


Senor GetBud gave me the shirt off his back after we smoked a joint together. It was the shirt that made me ask if he wanted to smoke in the first place. Now that Get Bud shirt is doing me favours like this.


It was 8am and we were outside the immigration office in Central America. A place between a port of Nicaragua and a boat ride to El Salvador. Yep we were skipping country by boat like smugglers or spies. Even if we were just surfers the journey still had a sense of slow paced nostalgia.


Nicaraguan immigration officer uniform consisted of submachine guns and trousers but no shirts. The small group were making breakfast when we arrived, so we waited outside.


Sitting on the office steps smelling the local food and discussing what sort of boat we’d be getting to El Salvador. We looked around but there didn’t seem to be any other passengers today, which sucked. We thought there’d be a bar and some girls to chat to on the way over. It wasn’t very fun until a head popped out from behind a shed across the path. It was a young guy making the joint smoking finger-signal. I shook my head thinking he wanted to sell. Then he signalled the rolling motion of papers, which I did have. I checked the immigration officers were busy and dipped across the path with buddy in tow.


We rapped a bit of Spanish and this guy showed us his big bag of weed and we showed him our papers. We spoke more as Bud rolled a fat joint with this local guys pot. He said my shirt was rad. He’d seen the joint in the design and knew we’d want to smoke. Through the symbol of pot a smoker gains international recognition from similar minds.


We were half done the J when the call came that the officers were ready. We smashed down the last of it, thanked the Nicaraguan and walked down to the boat ramp.


We paid $2 to leave Nica and $30 for the boat ride but nothing for the high we were on. I thought the boat was going to be serious. We stood on the docks stoned and waited for it to arrive.


I had my camera out and was filming a local guy trying to get his small fishing boat in through the shore break. The waves weren’t big or anything this guy just looked like a novice as he struggled to get it in. He finally got it to shore and our guide tried ushering us onto it like this was our boat. We laughed until the translation was made clear. Fuck this was our boat. We laughed and got our shit onto the boat. Three guys with bulk boards and excess baggage nearly sank this thing.


People ask which country is the best in Central America. Nicaragua supplied us with Waves, Women and as a parting gift Weed.