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Posted by Patrick Renshaw | April 08, 2014 | 

CHECK US OUT ON FACEBOOK...   Get Bud Blog #1: Nicaragua to El Salvador - Written by Potter   Senor GetBud gave me the shirt off his back after we smoked a joint together. It was the shirt that made me ask if he wanted to smoke in the first place. Now that Get Bud shirt is doing me favours like this.   It was 8am and we ...

Is Cannabis considered a Drug?

Posted by Patrick Renshaw | May 31, 2013 | 

     Is Cannabis considered a "DRUG"? Cannabis is a drug, and there is nothing wrong with that.    There are many other DRUGS that we take every day such as coffee, tobacco and alcohol. Cannabis is also MEDICINE. Here is the WIKIPEDIA definition of "DRUG"...    A drug is a substance which may ha...

The REAL STORY of 420

Posted by Patrick Renshaw | April 07, 2013 | 

 WHAT DOES 420 REALLY MEAN?? I've done a lot of searching around about the origin of the term "420". This Wikipedia article explains the myth the best. The earliest use of the term began among a group of teenagers in San Rafael, California in 1971, calling themselves the Waldos, because "their chosen hang-out spot was a wall outside the s...

Getbud.Net New Online Smoke Shop

Posted by Patrick Renshaw | March 11, 2013 | 

   Getbud's Online Smoke Shop features our Unique Clothing line called GETBUD APPAREL. Getbud Apparel was first created in 2007 and has over 15 unique logos to choose from for men and women. We hand print our logos onto Eco Friendly Bamboo and Heavy Duty Cotton clothing.   Getbud Apparel has sold in over 20 retail...

Blog # 1

Posted by Patrick Renshaw | February 10, 2013 | 

 GETBUD.NET is a fully stocked ONLINE SMOKE SHOP that has been created to provide the lowest prices on pipes, bongs, bubblers, perculators, grinders, scales, detox remedies and much much more. The website also features our signature GETBUD APPAREL clothing line with fitted ball caps, beanies and men's/women's clothing.